Location: 14*24.186N 61*13.454'W

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting …. that’s how our day started at the COVID testing facility in St. Lucia.
We were scheduled for an 8:15 am covid test and ended up waiting for over 3 hours to actually get tested. While waiting, we explored our natural surroundings, played with bugs, and even discovered a bird’s nest with two fluffy chicks inside. After a few rounds of ninja, naps in the sun, and lots of hair braiding even the last stragglers finally got their brains tickled and cleared for passage.
After we made our way back to the marina, we got some breakfast to fuel us for the day ahead.
Shona and I, split from the group early in order to get our last provision for this program (jeeeeez time flies when you’re having fun).
While provisioning went smoothly things on the boat were a little bit more exciting as the students were getting ready for their first student-led passage … wow.

The upcoming passage from St. Lucia – Antigua is fully student-led with the following students in lead positions:
Meghan – Skipper/ Captain
Sonnet – First Mate
Maddie – Navigator
Val – Engineer

The girls did a great job planning the passage and getting the boat passage prepped.
As of right now, we are underway to Antigua, with good winds filling our sails. We even had 2 pods of dolphins join us for a little while and we saw some whales … if that is not a good sign for a successful passage I don’t know what is.

See you in 30 hours Antigua (t-8)


1. Maddie and Tony living their best lives
2. Val and Mack happy to be back at sea
3. Andrea, Bennitt, and a very distracted Smash
4. Watch Team 2 at it again (plus or minus a few)