Location: Nevadra, Fiji

The day started with freshly baked bagels before the class of Open Water divers took their first open water dive training (only two more open water training dives till we are certified!!). Once we loaded the dinghies with all of our gear, we hopped in the water and saw some amazing coral and fish. Once my group finished our training, we swam around and saw a blacktip reef shark at the bottom; at that point, I was able to say, “I swam with sharks.” Once we were all back on Argo, we had lunch and our Leadership class. The pre-certified divers then did a fun dive. I went snorkeling, and a few of the blacktip reef sharks swam within 30 feet of me. I was just slightly terrified, but it all ended okay! Once we got out of the water, we watched the sunset, which had another green flash like day 6. After dinner, we had Marine Biology then I planned my menu for the time I am Head Chef. I am about to go to bed, but I am super excited for my shift of anchor watch because I have a good shift time and a fun watch partner!