Location: Saba

After eating a nice breakfast of oatmeal and some controversial cereal, we got ready to dive! We were split into two groups, then headed out with Saba Deep dive company. Diving at 100+ feet we completed our Advanced Diver certification! The dives were incredible. The first group of, Lindsey, Faloon, Rob, Matt, Erin, Laura, Mike, and I saw black tip reef sharks, a massive crab, and a variety of other brightly colored fish and coral as we explored “encounters of the third kind” and “labyrinth.” We then headed back to Ocean Star for lunch and an afternoon of MTE Practice Fun and Oceanography studying, in anticipation of the finals only two days away. As the sun set we sat down for a great pasta dinner made by chefs Jen and Faloon, and shared memories of the past weeks as we will head back to the BVI’s tonight. It is hard to believe we are already headed back to the BVI’s, but we will return much different than we left. We are not the strangers that stepped off the dock and into Ocean Star on July 6, but now a crew of friends that have shared an unforgettable experience, and a million laughs.