Location: Underway to Kumai

Hello families, it seems as though the days are already blending together. For watch team 1, yesterday ended at 4:00am as Watch Team 3 relieved us from our duties and sent us to bed. Then at 8:00 it was all hands on deck! We had officially crossed the equator and are all shell-backs. Of course, King Neptune who guards the passage of all shell-backs still needed tobe appeased, so Nick, Kimi, Cooper, Siva, Tegan, John, Brittany, Bryantand myself all cut our hair and tossed it into the Ocean (sorry mom!). I also left a poem by my favorite author floating on the waves. Life underway is slowly sinking into a rhythm for all of us; watches, classes, sleeping, homework, watches, boat checks, repeat. Although some of the crew are bravely battling a touch of sea-sickness, we are all making great progress towards Borneo. I know were all excited to see a new place and meet the only ape native to Asia: the Orangutans. Dinner tonight was a special occasion as it is Griffins birthday! We had cake, sang him a song and the squeeze question for the night was “What was your favorite birthday and why?” We had lots of different answers ranging from sky-diving, to pirate themed parties, to Disneyland. Griffin said that this was definitely his favorite birthday so far. Happy 19th Griffin! The sun is setting outside, the dishes are being done and life is sinking back into the rhythm of watches. With 300nm covered so far, we’ll be in Borneo very soon. Love to all the families and friends back home! We miss you and thank you for all the love and support. Until next time!