Location: Marina Key, Tortola, BVI


Thanks to a little Blue Swede and the smell of toasting bagels and bread, everyone was up and out of bed real quick. The bagels were toasted perfectly, with a taste that reminded me of home. During breakfast, everyone was happily reminiscing about the nice first night out and excited about the airplane wreck dive we were about to do. The name, Captain Blackwood, kept ringing around in my head as I manned the helm with a sort of Jack Sparrow persona. We were heading for Great Dog. We dropped anchor and began to giant-stride into the sea. The water here when compared to the Great Lakes leaves me wondering if it is all real if things could actually be this beautiful in the other world down there. Swimming through the wreck was breathtaking.

Schools of fish slowly swimming away, just out of my reach, as I enter the fuselage, big fish swimming near, just to find out what all the fuss is about. Once everyone was back on the ship, we set off to Marina Cay, not far from the Dogs. We anchored there so that we could enjoy some time ashore. We found a restaurant where most people, including me, stopped and ate and found some WiFi to check in with friends and family. The house-made hand-crafted burger I got was pristine and really tasty. But what really made my shore time perfect was getting able to talk to my mom via Skype. It’s been a while, and I really missed her, and the things she said brightened my overall mood even more than the amazing view from Marina Key. Back on the ship, everyone was buzzing and moving around, doing their jobs and prepping the ship while I, as skipper of the day, was in charge of making sure that all the jobs were done so that the ship was going to be ready for our first long passage at sea. After about an hour or so of hard work and sweat, Oceanstar was ready. After dinner, we divided up into watch teams, getting final training on passage life before we hoisted the sails. As the sunset, Oceanstar and her crew were ready. We raised the sails and set off into the night, a star alone on the deep winding ocean.