Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Hello everyone! It’s Selin here! Hope you guys are doing well in the big wide world.

This is day 55 on Ocean Star, and this is our last night in Guadeloupe.
The day started off with a lovely cinnamon swirl crumble cake for brekkie created by yours truly, the lovely Allie J and Corinne. Those two never fail to amaze us with their cooking skills. The cake fueled up the divers for their dive in Jacque Cousteau Bay. At this point, I invite Allie J and Corinne over to tell us a little about the encounter with the famous naturalist underwater since I sadly wasn’t able to dive today due to an annoying cold (yes, it really is possible to get a cold in this heat).

WHAT IS UP, EVERYONE? IT IS ALLIE J AND C’MONEY! Hope y’all are excited about our special guest appearance on the blog! Our dive was pretty rad, and we saw a ton of really cool fish, including triggerfish, lionfish, snappers, and the lesser spotted dogfish! Towards the end of the dive, we were lucky enough to see the famous Jacque Cousteau statue in the water. We all gave him a cheeky little smooch (thanks, Drew, for leading the dive)! Then we surfaced and dinghied back to O Star to rejoin our favorite skipper…back to you, Selin!

Wow, thanks, girls! Thanks for popping in and sharing your experience!
Meanwhile, on the boat, Olivia, Luc, and I worked on our Fish ID Logbooks and watched the Pixar movie UP. Thanks, Olivia, for hooking us up, and wow, what a movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, drop everything you’re doing and watch that movie!

Once the group was reunited back on the boat, we had a Seamanship class and prepped for a shore day. Shortly after, the bags were packed. We were dropped off on the beach next to so many scuba diving shops. As we walked a bit further, we reached the little boutiques of artists who were selling their handcrafted jewelry, clothing, crafts, and so much more. Pockets were emptied, and shopping bags were piled on top of shopping bags. Friends and family, get ready for some goodies because no shop was spared.
To get a bit of a break from the exhausting shopping spree, we sat down at a little bakery (boulangerie for my French speakers out there), where we got some sandwiches and tarts with either banana, pear, pineapple, or a classic eclair (can never ever go wrong with that). I think the baker at the shop would really appreciate it if I told the world about the fact that their pastries are made in the shop and definitely not brought from somewhere else. So, if you’re ever in Guadeloupe, check it out! I sadly forgot the name of the place, whoopsie, but feel free to remind us to look it up 🙂
With our tummies and shopping bags filled, we made it over to the beach, where we took a little plunge before heading back to the boat.

With some time on our hands, we continued working on our Fish ID Logbooks and had a lovely boat shower. Alaina, Amelia, and I decided to swim a few laps around the boat while enjoying the sunset. It was beautiful as always!
While everyone else was showering the galley crew, head chef Allie J and her sous chefs Corinne and Freddie were busy preparing a delicious Pad Thai. Definitely a hard meal to cook and an even more difficult meal to clean up after! A message from head chef Allie J: You’re welcome, salties.

That’s all I have for you today! I will go back into the saloon to study for my Oceanography Quiz!
Tomorrow is a very, very big day for us as we are leaving Guadeloupe and heading toward St.Barths; whoop whoop!

I wish everyone a wonderful week!

Signing out!


Mimi ve Babisko iyi yollculuklar Munih yollcusu kalm asin! Eyer butun aile bunu okuyorsa hellloooooo Kecis! Defne don’t be stressed you got this!
Lovie pack dich schon ein und bereite dich auf die Christmas Stimmung vor und spiel eine Runde Mario Kart fur mich! Love you all!!!