Location: Nevis

Wow. What an amazing day! Today, we ate a delicious breakfast (consisting of muffins) cooked by Declan, our head chef! He was assisted by his skillful sous, Hannah and Desmond. Once breakfast was through, we all had an oceanography class taught by Sam! We are currently in a contest about who can answer the most questions in class. The groups are based upon sleeping arrangements: The Focsle (Jake, Desmond, Peyton, and Declan) (boo), The Six Man (Kas, Maris, Hannah, Grace, Sissy, and Meg), and the SALON! (Ray, AJ, Ginny, Ari, Elodie, and Lauren). (the salon is the best team and is currently winning) (that’s my team). Once class was through, we were shuttled in the dinghies to shore!

Once on shore, we split into two groups: the bike riders and the horseback riders! I was a part of the bike riders. We took a little taxi ride to the bike rental place, during which our driver graciously gifted us red flowers! Once on the bikes, we started our trek across the island. We biked about six or seven miles into town uphill (wow). Declan was the first and only to take a little spill on the bike, but luckily, he escaped with little to no injuries! His aerodynamic trick was very epic. Then we all explored the town! We went to various restaurants, shops, the hot springs and biked around the area! Nevis is an absolutely gorgeous island. The volcano and surrounding houses are very picturesque. Towards sunset, we all reconvened at a restaurant with a bunch of fun gamesa lovely little day.

Thanks for reading my lil blog post! Everyone seems to be having the time of their lives. And we have all adopted pretty solid country accents, which is awesome.

Love ya!
– Ginny