Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

The crew of ocean star woke up energized for a packed day in the classroom and onshore. We started off with a breakfast of blueberry muffins, yogurt, and some fresh cut-up fruit. After breakfast, we did our annual cleanups after every meal and then headed down to the salon for our literature presentations. After everyone completed their presentations, it was time for us to explore the island of saint barths a little more with free shore time. At around 2 o’clock, everyone met back at the boat to be picked up by a taxi so we could go surf on the opposite side of the island. Arriving at the beach, we all got out a private surf lesson from Desmond, and we all took turns catching some waves. After getting beat up from surfing we took a taxi back to the boat and freshened up for a crew-wide diner at a local burger spot. During the dinner, we each got to debrief about our day with each other and ultimately relaxed after a short but tiring stay in saint barths.