Location: 06,55.80 S ; 24,09.55 W

The day began with watch team one on deck braiding hair, speed dating on bow-watch, and, of course, maintaining those 360-degree views along the horizon. As the sun rose, the sky was filled with colors of cotton candy. Each day gets warmer, and the sun gets more intense as we sail closer to the equator (don’t worry mom. I’m wearing lots of sunscreen). Today was particularly special for the crew of Argo because it was Sylvia’s 20th birthday! A special shoutout to Sylvia’s mom, letting you know we all took many pictures of her today : )

Today we had Leadership class followed by Marine Biology. After some much-needed deck showers, some of us got to strike the flying jib, which is very fun because we got to go out on the bowsprit. There was a brief moment where we got to sit on the netting and take in where we are. Looking below our feet and being so close to the water as Argo dips over the waves is truly an amazing feeling. I remember looking out on the horizon with nothing in front of us except miles and miles of ocean, wondering how any of us are going to return to normal life.

Carolyn, Sierra, and Kate prepared us a delicious dinner of chili and baked butternut squash. We ate and laughed at funny moments throughout our day as we all got caught up with one another. Just as the sunset behind the clouds, the crew sang Happy Birthday to Sylvia and passed around unicorn cake and brownies! After the squeeze, we had a quick clean up, and before we knew it, it was clip-in O’clock, and the stars began to pop up in the night sky. Watch team three is preparing for watch from 8-12 and soon enough the sun will be shining down on a new day as we continue our adventure across the Atlantic Ocean