Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

Today was a much-needed study day. Our Captain, Kevin, let us sleep in until 7:45 and have a late breakfast. It was very much appreciated since we have had many early mornings recently. We are at a very relaxed group of French islands, so Sunday is a good day to catch up on some classes and not feel like we’re missing anything eventful onshore. We started off the day with Oceanography, followed by Sailing review for one of our exams. We played jeopardy, which was very eventful.. and helpful. After classes, we had “siesta time” to relax, study and work on presentations. Our last Oceanography class before our exam was up on deck after our chill time. Then we had our scuba diving review for night and navigation diving. Preparing for our first night dive, we snorkeled the dive site to become familiar with the surroundings. We had a wonderful dinner, and, like every night, the skipper asks a squeeze question. My question was about a newfound passion. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the day because you get to learn something new about everyone and feel closer as a team. We have all grown as a family, loving and bickering and always coming closer together at the end of the day. We are about to go on our first night dive, which I am extremely excited about! I can’t wait for the adventures to come with some pretty amazing people!