Location: Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Hey everyone! Today’s blog is brought to you by Felipe Rodriguez. My morning started with my 5 am anchor watch with Izzy, in which she told me about the morning study group that was taking place at 6 am, so after our watch ended, we decided to join the study group and prepare ourselves for the Seamanship quiz that was planned for later in the day. Planned days don’t always go according to plan, and the quiz was postponed for tomorrow. As the sun rises right in front of us and over Bequia, I started to sort out some morning music to wake everyone up as soon as 7 am came around. As I headed downstairs to wake people up, almost two-thirds of our crew was already awake and studying for the quiz. I just had to wake up a couple of people that were still sleeping. Today’s head chef, Lolo, presented our breakfast as all the cereals were lined up on the chart-house roof, ready for us to start our day. All announcements were made right after everyone was done with breakfast. The plan for the day was for us to head from Bequia to Tobago Cays, a trip that would take 4 hours, and then take our Seamanship quiz. We would finish the day with a beach BBQ. Argo raised its anchors and headed to Tobago Cays. (A great lunch was served underway) As we approached it, everyone was speechless as to how beautiful and immaculate this place was. The people that were napping downstairs got woken up to the clank of the anchors being set down, and as soon as they came upstairs, you could see everyone’s face going from recently woken up to excitement and happiness as they saw the most beautiful place they have ever seen in their lives. (Some of us were really excited to see the island in which the scene of Jack Sparrow being stranded on the island was filmed on, from the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean) When we were all set, we got told that the Seamanship quiz will be postponed for tomorrow and that we were now going snorkeling to a spot which they guaranteed us we would all sea turtles, and not to our surprise, we did. After snorkeling and getting some of the best GoPro footage I have ever taken, we made our way back to Argo and got changed for our beach BBQ. We got dropped off at the beach, and we all signed out of being a crew member for our time ashore. The boys went on a hike to the top of the island’s mountain and saw the best sunset to date. Once back down, a dance party broke off, and the beers were handed around. A while after, the dinner was ready, and everyone enjoyed the tasty burgers Lolo made for all of us. Around 9 pm, we made our way back to Argo and signed back in to once again be a crew on Argo.