Location: Underway

One boat comes in and out of view on the horizon. For many of us this is the first glimpse of human life outside Argo in quite awhile, a sign that we are closing in on the Caribbean and our epic journey across the Atlantic is coming to an end. We are still sailing downwind and everyone is thankful for the silence of sails. It seems like forever since the rumble of the engine was heard. The sun is setting and shipmates are funneling up the companion way for dinner. Sam points out a piece of floating debris off our port side, another sign land is near. Those on deck turn to visually inspect the foreign object and instead get sight of a large Mahi breaching the surface. We have two lines out and quickly all attention is turned towards those. Nothing has bit yet but along the surface we see the Mahi closing in on one of the lines, and as best as you could predict it, it strikes. George is first on the hand line. He is given a pair of gloves to make the job easier and begins hauling the fish towards the stern of Argo. Putting up a fight, it is apparent the fish is sizable. The Mahi is hauled out of the sea and onto the deck where a lively match of Mitch versus the fish ensues. Mitch wins. Fresh meat two days out from land is welcomed and thanks is given for the Mahi’s sacrifice. The catch is a fitting culmination to an exciting day of Marine Biology, Oceanography, and cramming for the PSCT Tides and Currents exam that is taking place after dinner. Hope all is well back home, see you soon.