Location: Soufriere, St Lucia

Last night we started our trip back up the West Indies, island hopping our way back to Antigua. After untying our warp from the palm tree and raising the anchor, we stopped by a rock arch made famous by Captain Jack Sparrow, sailing his sinking boat past it during the opening scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean. Our visit was less dramatic as it was dark, misty/smoky, and lacking the decaying pirates in cages, but a fun drive-by nonetheless, with some of the more enthusiastic crew exclaiming that it may be the best experience of their lives.

The trip over was quite uneventful, without much wind between the islands. As we approached the Pitons, two mountains (or hills, depending on which member of our team you ask) that will tower over us for our stay, the heavens opened. Watch Team 3 take a soaking as we searched for the right mooring buoy, some opting for oilskins, others just bare skin!

Dawn broke, and we were greeted by the jungle-covered slopes and blue skies. The sun now lifted the clouds from the peaks. The student was then allowed the first real lie-in of the trip so far and didn’t need to be awake until midday. Except, of course, for Zoe and her sous chefs Nolan and Shu, who woke up earlier to get lunch/breakfast together.

The bulk of the day was taken up with a big clean of Argo, the second to last oceanography class (big sad), snorkeling around, and enjoying the supreme clarity of the water- but still not seeing the bottom 35m below. Nat and Claire worked on their divemaster skills with a deep dive to check out the mooring with Shu just before dinner. A very orange sunset (with something in it) was the background of our dinner and squeeze.

Overall, a solid day here on Argo 🙂

QOOTD: What do you think the most dangerous type of canoes are?