Location: St. Lucia to Martinique

Today would not have been as smooth sailing if it weren’t for the outstanding crew of Ocean Star. We started the morning off with an laid-back breakfast consisting of cereal, yogurt and granola. Strong, confident leadership was shown as the crew raised sails setting out for Martinique. While under sail the crew put their MTE skills to the test using Dead Reckoning coordinate plotting. It was 42 nautical miles out on the sea and Ocean star was looking mighty fine with 5 sails raised, glimmering along the Caribbean ocean. The crew was accompanied by a family of mysterious dolphins sashaying along the side of Ocean Star. We arrived late evening to the beautiful land of Martinique overlooking the naked Volcano surrounded by greenery. After a fruitful sail, the remarkable sunset was blinding in the distance beyond the stern with the full moon over the bow smiling at the crew. Volunteered leaders, aka. pros, dropped sails and the anchor with ease. A team effort of getting the sail tarps on was done swiftly with little trouble. After a delicious meal of pasta and meatballs served by the chefs, the O.S. crew was looking forward towards Matty’s OCB quiz. The evening ended with fresh showers off the shore of Martinique. Cheers!!!