Location: 34 43.53'S 23 20.47'E

Though today was only our second day on passage, we’ve been through the drill enough times that we seem to slip into the easy routine of passage life quicker and quicker every time. My watch’s day started at four this morning for a very nice sunrise watch. We enjoyed some brief warmth from the rising sun while listening to music and chatting. After we were relieved, many got to work putting the finishing touches on our Oceanography presentations. A brief nap later, and it’s time for a delicious lunch of hummus and naan. We moved quickly into Oceanography, where each group presented their findings on a semester-long research project. They were all very informative as well as entertaining, given one group’s addition of a final ending slide featuring Jon Luc’s masterful photoshop of Where’s Waldo – Captain Ben addition.

We moved on to our final leadership class with Tina, where we discussed the ways we want to take the things we have learned on Argo and the changes we have noticed in ourselves, and how we want to bring those back to our lives back home. It is scary to discuss the end of our trip because we all feel how quickly that date is approaching. While we are all eager for the basic pleasures of a hot shower and our favorite comfort food, there is no doubt that a single student that is going home is going to be incredibly sad and difficult. Once classes wrapped up, Seal team 2 hurried to the deck so we could enjoy our final snack watch on the program. Snack watch is our nickname for the 2-6 pm watch, during which there is a strongly suggested/semi-enforced rule that everyone brings a snack offering to the snack watch potluck. This watch is often paired with country music and has been a favorite for many on the watch schedule. Today, with heavy but hungry hearts, we faced our final snack watch. Refusing to let that sad note take away from our time, we gorged ourselves on every snack imaginable and went through three entire Zac Brown Band albums- if that’s not a successful finale, I don’t know what is. Our day ended with another creative yet delicious dinner headed up by Ben, Lindsay, and Ana. We finished the night with the squeeze question: Where do you see the person to your right in 5 years? We have come to know each other so well that many of the answers seemed very probable. The wind and swells picked up today, giving us some great sailing and rocking that sent Nick H. straight into the dishy pit as he tried to stumble back down below for bed.

Signing off as Skipper for the final time,