Location: Underway to Saba

Leaving out of Bitter End, we woke up early and pulled anchor. Ready to clear out of the amazing BVIs and return ARGO to its home for a brief stint in Roadtown Harbor. Eating lunch we hungout and decided to go to a small island of Anegada. Lifting anchor after lunch we headed into the wind to set sails. Heading close hauled on both starboard and port tacks, we zigzagged our way up to Mountain Point. Deciding we would not make it to Anegada we stayed at Mountain Point for dinner. It was a nice and relaxing day with a lot of the responsibility on my shoulders as skipper. The more the students get to know ARGO, the more she rewards us with safe and clean passage to wherever we would like to go. The crew has begun to step back and see how well they have taught us. From Crew to Deckhands.