Location: 11,35.36 S 17,36.81 W

Early this morning, Argo’s chart house clock struck midnight, and the usual change of watch came to pass; watch team two was glad to be dismissed to our bunks, ready to be rocked to sleep by the gentle South Atlantic swell. As I lay in my bunk combing over the previous day in my mind, the significance of the new day hit me.

Thirty days – gone. Fully one-third of our great ocean crossing behind us. But where did the time go?

It was clear, though, thinking back on our first month what had happened to all of our precious time. We spent it. Every second of every day has been spent on building our skills, experiences, and friendships, all of which will no doubt last until the day our adventurous hearts stop beating. A bargain for sure.

The theme of friendship and good experiences was reinforced today by Argo’s celebration of Valentine’s day. A wonderful dinner was followed by a dessert of freshly baked cookies and the exchange of hand-made cards. The warm mood at dinner was complimented by the setting sun, which seemed especially vibrant as if to mark the occasion.

As Argo and her student crew approach the half-way mark on our second passage, every crewmate on board is excited for what the next sixty days have in store for us.

-Shane N