Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

What a crazy week it has been, as we get news of the shipmates all making it home safe and sound we sit here going on about our day, oh I forgot to introduce myself, I am the newly enlisted morale-boosting boat pet, you can call me Mr. Chubbers. You can see me in the first photo, I am not one for selfies generally, but I felt like it would be good for you all to see me, as you can see I am pretty small in stature. I even have to press the keyboard keys with my little podgy belly as I don’t really have much in the way of hands so this blog took an awfully long time to write.

Anyway as the new kid on the block I had a hard day ahead of me, firstly I had to wake up the crew, this was difficult as by 7 am they were already all awake and eating breakfast (nice of them to get me). After breakfast, I decided that to keep us going, we should continue classes as normal, so I enlisted a few new faces to get involved in leadership class today. As you can see from the second photo, it was a busy class. Steve led the class this time, with some pretty heated debates amongst the crew, but any and all issues were resolved in class. Everyone in class today seemed pretty similar for some reason, and there were a few recognizable faces, but everyone seemed on the same page for what it’s worth.

After class, I noticed a rather sizable breach in the procedure, the ensign wasn’t flying, this was quickly rectified by Alex. Alex has taken over the mantle from our previous chief ensigneer Kasey. The training she gave was obviously spot on, I’ve never seen someone raise an ensign with so much confidence but yet the delicate handling of a line so to ensure no twists and tangles. It was something of immense beauty. After the ensign was raised, Lauren took me to practice helming the boat, this proved tricky for a number of reasons, which I will list: 1. We’re anchored, 2. We had no engine on and 3. No sails were up. Despite these obvious disadvantages, I persevered and used my small stature to move the wheel at least 0.1mm, so I am pretty proud of myself.

After my time helming, it was time for lunch where I was once again forgotten about. However, this time was fair as I fell underneath a small crevice, and no one knew I was there. Eventually, the day was summed up by dinner. I asked the squeeze question tonight, which was, “If you had a movie made about you, who would play you?” For me it would have to be Garfield, he’s somewhat of a hero to me.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and dealing with this situation as best they can just remember it could be worse, you could be a small rubber cat that keeps falling down the drain.

All the best,

Mr. Chubbers