Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

We began our day quite early to the sound of an alarm and responded accordingly, but were able to quickly return to our bunks once it was clear the alarm was French toast induced. We cast our lines soon after, and Leah took us off the dock and headed to sea once again. Not soon after the sails were raised and standard fishing lines were deployed, a fish began to scream the new line off the reel Scotty, and I had just replaced. Good timing because the 20 lb Mahi took over 30 minutes to get on the boat. It was a tough fight because of the boat speed Argo’s sails were making, so it was a relief when the colorful fish made it onboard. Matt H., a very accomplished angler, lead a skillful demonstration to his fellow crew and expertly filet the fish as part of his SLD “how-to presentation.” Kris and I assumed the title of guest chefs in the galley and fried up the fish, which was enough to feed all 29 of us, including our vegetarian, who made an exception from her normal diet for this special event. The view from Argo reveals Ocho Rios to be a large resort looking area a sharp contrast to the “real Jamaica” we experienced in Port Antonio.

We look forward to seeing for ourselves right after everyone finishes their midterm for OCE tomorrow.