Location: Underway to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

As the trip to Mauritius continues, most of the shipmates are starting to realize that our days are developing a very enjoyable rhythm. Throughout the shorter passages we’ve sailed up to Cocos Keeling, many of us noticed that just as we found our sea legs, we would be dropping anchor or pulling up to a marina and settling down on somewhat solid ground. Although arriving at and exploring a new country is always very exciting, settling down on Argo and looking forward to each of our 8-15 remaining days – the E.T.A changes by the minute due to inconstant wind and steering – is definitely a comparable feeling. So, as Day 37 came and went, the shipmates on Argo grew a little more comfortable with life at sea. In the process, we had an oceanography class about fisheries and a PSCT class in which half of the group presented on their engineering topics. And because our personal food rations are dwindling as we get farther and farther from our last grocery store, bartering for sweets has reached an all-time high. It seems that the frequency of chocolate cravings and distance from shore are directly related, so anyone who has managed to ration their chocolate is in a good position to make some very advantageous trades in the coming days.