Location: Soller, Spain

Good Evening,
We all started our days pretty early this morning, with most of us having early or overnight watches. Coming into port today was one of the most beautiful sights of the trip yet, with cliffs towering over the boat with a small seaport and house sprinkled along the ridges or nestled between towering cliffs. After coming into port, we had our first soup of the day(Baked Potato soup) made by our head chef, Mac and sous chefs. After our lunch, we did a super quick clean-up and began to do our BA, which is boat appreciation, basically cleaning the entire boat inside and out and top to bottom. Since we finished our BA and did a great job, we were able to enjoy a 30-minute swim before sitting down for Marine Biology. Our second soup of the day was lentil soup and freshly made bread by Sienna. The bread was a huge hit! Now, after dinner, we are cleaning up and listening to great music before sitting down for Leadership class.