Location: CT

My favorite memory from the trip was the mud baths on St. Lucia. First, we got to soak in the black water that was coming from the volcano. It was very warmed in these pools, and whatever was making the water black would stick to any hair that you had on your body. It looked really strange. Next comes the fun part. We all got to completely cover ourselves in the mud. Some people got more into the mud than others. I decided to completely cover myself in mud. It was even in my hair. We then got to decorate ourselves with darker-colored mud. There were some pretty fun designs. I’m sure someone out there has a picture of this. We then waited for the mud to dry and went back into the mud soup to wash It off. Afterward, my skin was incredibly soft. It was pretty amazing. The bathing suit I wore during this activity still looks like it has been dragged through the dirt. Overall a really great experience.


SQUEEZE QUESTION: What’s the deal with airline food?


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