Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

Today was a great day because, for the first time, we got to sail the entire passage from one spot to the next! We left this morning at 4:00 am. Watch team 2 get us out of Georgetown as the rest of us slept some more. We had four of our six sails up and were going 2 knots faster than when we usually motored. The breeze was strong, with some small waves, which allowed us to get to Langkawi early. Upon our approach, we were greeted with limestone cliffs and lush forests. Some said it looked like we were entering Jurassic Park. After our fastest boat appreciation to date, where we cleaned the gunnels, flaked the sails, and put the sail covers back on, we had some intense trivia with a lot of candy at stake in Student Leadership and Development. Then we got to shower by jumping off the boat for the first time since the equator crossing. Everyone enjoyed some chill-out time before dinner, with the Focsle ladies having some cabin bonding while watching Grey’s Anatomy in their cabin. Tomorrow we motor to the other side of the island, where we will spend the next two days at anchor surrounded by picturesque cliffs and trees. Gros bisous a la famille. Noemie jespere que tu tenregistre chanter, Papa que tu decouvre Barcelone, Maman que tu teclate au yoga et que Camille tu reste zen au lycee. Je pense tres fort a vous tous et je vous embrasse. A bientot

Big kisses to the family. Noemie, I hope that you record singing, Dad that you discover Barcelona, Mum that you remain in yoga, and Camille, you remain in high school. I think very strongly of you all, and I embrace you. See you soon