Location: Roseau, Dominica

Hey everyone!! Today, we sailed to Dominica from Martinique. It was an early wake-up day to get all the sails and anchors up before breakfast. The anchor raise was super quick today, we had that super speed efficiency. Anywho, enough about anchors Breakky was yummy; it consisted of eggs and some yogurt. Not combined of course, but on the same menu. We first put up the foresail, then the staysail, and then the main. Our captain then wanted the job done. Around the ending corner of Martinique, the speed picked up, and we were rocking with four sails up. On our 7-hour voyage, we were zooming. It was an amazing sail. We saw so many cool critters. Today we put our fishing line out and guess what we almost caught an Atlantic blue marlin, he jumped off the line super close to our boat. It was an amazing moment.

Another amazing thing that happened was we saw two short-finned pilot whales. They were so cool. They are these super dark grey/black whales with short fins, but they have large melons like belugas do. They sailed along the boat with us for a little while. We made it to Dominica and put the boat to bed. That means sails flaked, sail covers on, and overall boat tidiness. After that, we had marine biology. We then had free time to relax before dinner. Many people jumped in for a swim, and it was so nice. The water was not too cold but not too warm. Overall, it was a great day, and the sunset was cool, too. See ya later, everyone. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!