Location: Gibraltar

It started off a spooky day on Argo, with me waking everyone up with Halloween songs at 7:00 am. It was still dark out with a chill in the air when we ate breakfast, preparing for what awaited us. Today was a major hike up the rock of Gibraltar. We were warned of aggressive monkeys, but no one was prepared enough for what was about to happen. The hike was gorgeous to the top, and spirits were high. There are other attractions on the hike, and a few of them bring cafes with beautiful views. So we made our way there when we encountered a monkey. We saw a gang of them jump on a woman and steal all the contents from her bag. At this point, everyone became a little more afraid of the monkeys. We hurriedly made our way past them and to the cafe. After we unintentionally split into groups and made our way around going elsewhere. At one of the attractions, one of our fellow students got a Snickers bar and decided to eat it out in the open, and he was promptly targeted by another gang of monkeys. After our numerous brave encounters with said monkeys, we made our way back to the boat to prepare for tomorrow’s sail. We quickly got everything ready and prepared for dinner. Everyone went all out for Halloween by dressing up, staff included. We then went out for dinner, which was lovely. And it was the first time we all sat at a singular table together. Once we got back to the boat, Halloween movies were played until everyone went to sleep, ending our joyous Halloween day.