Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

We were all very excited to get the day going this morning. I woke everyone up with some reggae music, and we had some oatmeal for breakfast. Afterward, we had our marine biology lecture on arthropods and echinoderms before taxiing to the St. Lucia botanical garden. The plant diversity and colors were beautiful and far surpassed my expectations; everybody had a great time exploring even my friends who were not so interested in botany were in awe. Then we went to the hot springs, which at first made no sense to us considering how warm the climate already is, but we were in for a surprisingly soothing time. Our feet felt amazing, and all our aches and sore muscles were relieved, and we all joked and played games in the water. On the way back to Ocean Star, we bought some delicious fruit and contemplated our next day, which would be a dive day that we were all very excited about! To end our day, we had a scheduling meeting to set our class schedule for the next week and took our oceanography midterm exam, which I’m confident everyone passed!