Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Picture this: It is around 9:30 in the morning, the sky is partly cloudy, and a perfect breeze swishes through the air. St. Lucia is right in front of us, and Vela is heading straight towards the beautiful, tree-filled island. Watch Team 2 is standing in the cockpit with eyes on the target. Boobies are gliding around the boat, trying to get their breakfast by flying into the water like a torpedo and plopping back out with or without a catch. Slowly but surely, the cockpit fills with the rest of the crew. Sleepy but exited, the tasks to take in the sails are allocated, and then it begins. “Ease the halyard!”, “Take in on the downhaul!”. Everyone knows what they are doing, and as a team, we bring Vela into the marina. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing morning?

The rest of the day, we cleaned the deck from sea salt (which tastes delicious on saltines), put on sail covers, studied for our finals tomorrow (wish us luck!), called our families (Hellloooo!), and Max got his hair cut by Tom! At squeeze today, we found out everyone’s unnecessary talent. Our crew consists of tongue twisters, belly dancers, ear poppers, time tellers, fish lovers, and drop noisemakers. Pretty good, pretty talented. America’s got talent; here we come!

We are all looking forward to our time on St Lucia and send big, fat hugs to everyone at home!

P.S. Happy birthday, Meghan! Your Toni.

Picture 1: Vela coming into the dock.
Picture 2: Bennitt taking down the main halyard.
Picture 3: Meg and Tony flaking the mainsail.
Picture 4: Katie and Katelyn in the galley cooking up delicious veggie chili.
Picture 5: Charlie and Maddie before throwing a dock line.
Picture 6: The two skippers!
Picture 7: The two first mates!
Picture 8: Tom cutting Max’s hair.