Location: On Route to St. Vincent

In a strange turn of events due to our new job wheel, I’m skipper again! And even more exciting than that, we are finally on our way to St. Vincent! As we ate our bagels this morning in Falmouth Harbour, we said goodbye to our neighboring catamarans, mega yachts, and goats, and then we prepared to set sail. This involved lots of lashing things down and a briefing on our watch teams. We are now on 6 hours off, 3 hours on schedule, and with the rocking of this sailboat, sleep is going to be interesting. For our send-off lunch, Ash, Katie, and Grady made homemade bread for a gourmet sandwich bar, and we enjoyed our last meal without worrying about our bowls going overboard. Grady DJ’ed some Pitbull on the salon speakers for the downstairs cleanup crew, and then we were off. Ocean Star might not be the speediest, but she is plenty fast because we have been flying across the deck all afternoon. Antigua has slowly disappeared, and we watched an amazing sunset over the water with a couple of glimpses of Guadeloupe. No green flash, but we’re still holding out hope. Steve just told me we’re “going night mode,” so I’m signing off, but wish us luck on a full day of sailing tomorrow!

1) Breakfast dishy pit
2) Grady in the galley
3) Whiteboard of Steve quotes
4) Ash and Sam being cute
5) Breadmakers
6) Brahm and Celia
7) Salon selfie
8) Cleanup dance party feat. me and Sam
9) Sailing break with me, Katie, and Erin
10) Celia steering the boat with her groupies
11) Watch team 2!
12) Addisen caught unaware
13) Sunset!