Location: Stanley Island, Australia

Next stop Stanley Island! As a member of watch team three (the best watch team), we were woken up at 12 am to the sound of nothing; for the first time, the symphony of waves and wind was not masked by the roar of the engine. We can finally call ourselves sailors! Stanley Island, known for its aboriginal history and sheer rock faces, is our first stop in croc territory. Parents, you’ll be happy to hear that we put the bathing suits away in the hopes of avoiding any up close and personal croc encounters. Even our bathtub has been reduced from the ocean to a shower hose, an experience that will take some adjusting. With the exception of 2 classes, we spent the day catching up on work/sleep, and for those struggling with being confined on board, Carolyn taught a Zumba class on deck. Where else are you going to be able to bust some moves with your marine biology teacher in the middle of an uninhabited Australian archipelago? Even on the laziest of days, Argo offers unparalleled experiences.