Location: The Great Blue Sea

Hello, hello, hellooooo, this is Heloise coming to you live from the passage: Palau to Raja Ampat edition!

First of all, last night’s watch featured one of the most beautiful starry nights I have ever flippin’ seen. I didn’t even know that the sky could have so many stars. We could see a giant swath of milky way with the occasional streaking meteor, provoking many excited little “woahhhhs”. I was really excited to get on the open ocean again, especially since this 4-day jaunt to Raja is a much shorter journey than our 22-day passage from Fiji to Palau. It has been kinda comforting to fall back into our well-oiled routine of passage, and has been even more fun to help Larken and Lilli get the hang of it as well. It is really cool to see how much we all have learned and how much we are able to teach our newest crew members.

My watch team, consisting of Smash, Romeo, Barb, Larken, Justin, and Emma, started off our day in a little squall that left us SOAKED but in good spirits. It was a nice little change of pace to feel cold! Barb treated us to the best possible lunch after a cold, wet watch: chicken. noodle. soup. It was so amazing and made me feel at home. Once the rain died down, we all gathered on deck for oceanography class outside! Then, we scurried back down below for navmaster class with Drew, a personal favorite of mine. After a brief monologue warning us of the dangers of the dreaded sea badgers of Cornwall, a cave-dwelling species recognizable by their glowing red eyes, Drew taught us how to use a fixed point on land (or three) to calculate the boat’s position. After going through a few practice problems and feeling very piratey using the maps, plotters, and dividers to mark our make-believe boat’s position, it was time for dinner.

Barb absolutely nailed it yet again with beef (and tofu for our lovely vegetables and vegans) TACOS. Truly a happy tummy day. After dinner, a bunch of us hung out in the cockpit as the sun sank into the sea, enjoying each other’s company and the rocking of the boat.

Mom, Henry, Una, Dad, Em, Katie, and all my other lovely people, I miss you guys so much, and I am so excited to give you so many hugs!

Lots of love to all,