Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

Today was a very busy day aboard Argo. In the morning we had our Oceanography Final. Many people were in the saloon studying waiting to hear the dreaded words put your notes away. After everyone finished the exam, the air of tension significantly dropped, as we were done with one more exam. However, many people were still stressing because the Marine Bio exam was after lunch, and Telltale articles and SLD journals were also due. After we finished up with bio, there was a feeling of freedom like the final bell on the last day of school had just rung. Sadly, next we had to get into the bilges to get our bags. Looking into cabins and seeing duffels partly full was pretty saddening. No one can believe that we are almost done. It is weird to think that when we get underway tomorrow, its not to sail off into the sunset to another unexplored destination, but to a dock and a plane ticket.

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