Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

I have never been more distracted in my life. Steve is scrolling through his Instagram feed and showing me everything that pops up that may “give me ideas” for the blog. He just showed me an ad me a Dyson air-purifier ad. Now an ad for running shows to which he added the commentary “maybe she’s running from her problems.” He follows Trashcanpaul, which is a meme page that I follow; weird, but I think Steve and I have similar meme taste. Steve sure gets a lot of ads on his Instagram. Okay, thank goodness he just left. I’ll try to write as much as I can before he comes back:

We saw a really, really bright rainbow this morning. Addisen screamed for everyone to come on deck but got no response. I don’t think she cared so much; she just liked looking at the rainbow.

Johnny gave his literature review presentation today! His paper was about sea turtles? I’m not quite sure because each slide said something along the lines of sea turtles but not exactly. Some examples are see tundles, C-targles, and De Tumples. It was a very informative presentation. No one has any service, so he had to draw all of the sea turtles in the slideshow. He’s so artistic!!!

After the presentations, we were headed into the dreaded and notorious NavMaster class. Today we got to work individually. Some people found out how fast they work by themselves; others realized that they have no idea how to read a chart.

Steve is back. We just watched a video on how to make pastries. They actually look quite good. One of his friends went fishing today, “without the internet; I would have never known she went fishing today, it’s amazing” – Steve.

Steve just informed me that we have an exam in his class tomorrow. I did not know that. I guess that’s a problem for future-me to figure out.

Steve is really interested in van life. He’s a minimalist. He follows a lot of van life accounts.

I accused Steve of being the sausage thief today. Somebody always goes through the rice and beans and picks out all of the sausages. He doesn’t deny that he is.

No, Steve, I do not like vegan mayo or want to join the army. I’ve just convinced him to follow the account White People Humor. Some high-quality memes on that page. Steve won’t let me follow him on Instagram.

We started on the rescue diver scenarios today after taking the written exam (everyone passed!). We got to throw floaty rings at Sam pretty much all afternoon. The best one was Julian’s attempt. “I’m an emergency responder, and I’ll be with you in just one minute,” he said as he tried to untangle the line. After getting to throw the ring once each, we took turns swimming out to “rescue Sam.” It was basically a chance for Sam to try to drown each of us. The best battle was between Meg and her.

Snickle: a pickle with a snickers inside of it. Man, English food is weird, or maybe Steve’s taste in food is weird. He just showed me a picture of a dog in a dog-sized lawn chair. “Quite terrifying,” he says.

We all went for a nice relaxing swim in the afternoon and watched Lenny do a couple of sweet cannonballs. They are getting pretty good. Good splash and all that. I wish I could cannonball as good as Lenny. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that level. I’ll keep trying, though.

Katie did an impression of a cactus during dinner. It made my day.

He just showed me a huge redemption story about a pole vaulter that broke the world record after shattering a pole on her first attempt. He follows a lot of animal photography accounts too. He’s just a big softy. So in touch with his emotional side. I’m going to ask steve a series of questions:

“what’s your favorite thing in this world?”
“This rottweiler *shows me a picture of a rottweiler with a kid* not the kid, though.”
“This granny ain’t no boomer *shows me a granny on TikTok*.”

“If you could spend every day exactly how you wanted, what would you do?”
“Look through Instagram if I got paid.”

This blog has gotten away from me. I am truly sorry to the readers at home, but you’ll be glad to know I am only skipper one more time.

Again, I am truly sorry.

Picture 1 – Sam blocks the head
Picture 2 and 3 – Addisen’s rainbow
Picture 4 and 5 – Max saving the day by jumping in for some plastic
Picture 6 – Katie saving Sam’s life for the 5th time
Picture 7 – Johnny’s presentation
Picture 8 – Grady going for blood whilst throwing the life ring at Sam
Picture 9 – Julian untangling the life ring while Sam drowns
Picture 10 – Hanging out on the deck listening to some country music
Picture 11, 12, and 13 – Addisen’s sunset
Picture 14 – aw

Shoutout to Sam for her pretend drowning skills