Location: Antigua

Once upon a time, on a sailing vessel named Ocean Star there lived six up and coming rescue divers (and others). On the day of March 24, 2015 these six rescue divers prepared themselves for rescue scenarios, while the others got to head over to Stingray City to play with stingrays. When the rescue divers were down below reviewing their exams, Drew and I snuck off the boat and pretended to be dive accident victims. The rescue divers had to recognize us and execute a rescue, which they did perfectly. After this we got to go to Pigeon Beach for lunch and then met up with the rest of the crew, who had spent the morning getting up close and personal with some very large southern stingrays. Once everyone was back on board in the afternoon Drew, Nick and I again snuck off the boat and were victims to another rescue scenario. After dinner we began passage preparation for our voyage to St Bart’s. I can’t wait to start sailing as it will take us most of the night and into the morning to get there!