Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Today after an amazingly delicious breakfast that included French toast, the crew cleaned up and readied the boat for passage. Our destination, Rodney Bay, was about 2 hours away. On this short passage, we raised the mainsail, foresail, and staysail. After we dropped anchor, we quickly got the ship looking prime again by cloaking the sails in their covers, emptying one of our dinghies named Exy of Scuba gear, and putting on the tarp for shade. Once we finished, the crew loaded in the dinghies and went to shore. The four provisioners, Carolyn, Hannah, Cole, and Yi, went to the local supermarket, while the rest of us visited restaurants and the local shopping mall. A few of us also ran into the provisioners at the supermarket and were astonished to see the amount of food that was going to replenish our shelves and fridge. It was definitely the biggest provision of the trip, as they stocked up on things like flour and peanut butter to get us through the whole second half of the trip, as well as meat and produce for the next week and a half. After the dinghies came to pick us up at the docks, we unloaded the groceries and sat down together for another tasty dinner. We finished off the evening with a casual night out at one of the local restaurants and enjoyed playing pool and just hanging out with our fellow shipmates.