Location: Salt Island Bay, Salt Island, BVI

Today was a crazy day full of belly flops, handstand rolley polleys, and chicken fighting in the water surrounded by huge giant boulders. We started our day by waking up by me yelling, wake up! After that, it was oatmeal breakfast time with a side of apples and stewed berries, and maple syrup. Presentations of our group research project were next on the agenda. Personally, I think everyone did amazing, but the sponge bob presentation by myself, Meg, Ginny, Maris, and Sissy was the best. For the rest of our afternoon, we went to Devel Bay, a beach with crystal blue water and giant boulders like something from Jurassic Park. We got dropped off in dinghies, where we were excited to do a wet entry and swim to shore with our bags over our heads which was a challenge as my bag was full of heavy snacks and phones. Thank goodness Aj came and rescued me (thanks, AJ), or I would not be here to write this blog. When we got to shore, half the group went off exploring throughout the boulders to another beach; Maris, Ginny, Sissy, Meg, Ari, Lauren, and AJ stayed and practiced our belly flops, played Ninja and chicken, and also practiced our aqua gymnastics. Through the boulders, there were lots of cool rock pools and caves which we attempted to climb and swim in. After a long afternoon at the beach, we all headed back to the boat and moved anchor spots to our dive site for later on, where the divers are doing their night dive. Waiting for dinner (chef Hannah today) was spent with Sam helping everyone study for our oceanography exam tomorrow (last one, woohoo). The End 🙂