Location: Darwin, Australia

It is the 13th day of October. The sun rose above Argo on her first full day in the capital of the Northern Territory. Excitement filled the air as the opportunity for new adventures presented itself in the plethora of visitor brochures that littered the saloon. The crew awoke to a breakfast favorite, blueberry muffins and chocolate muffins with yogurt. After a brief presentation on the city of Darwin by our own Sean and Hans, the crew went through route and passage planning procedures from our Captain Sam B. H. in MTE, which gave a new appreciation for the logistics and preparation that Argo’s crew must undergo for a safe and efficient program. After class, the crew dispersed across the city to find coffee or chime into the wireless internet hotspots scattered throughout the town. So if you have not heard from your special sailor lately, then I am truly sorry, as it has been a busy four weeks of exploring uncharted territory, but it should not be long now. The ladies of Argo spent their day shopping along with the multitude of shops and stores on the main strip. On a more personal note, I spent a greater part of my day looking into fishing gear for Argo as our passage to Bali in five days will present a unique opportunity to catch some of the world’s premier sport fish. While the shipmates were away, the crew was hard at work preparing Argo for her next passage. An oil change of her engine and two generators proved to be a sweltering task that only Tor and Jack could have accomplished with the careful guidance of Capt. Sam. Leah helped James replace bulbs on the mast, who, despite being raised up toward the top spreaders, still sat eye level with the wharf as the five-meter tidal shifts sat Argo low to the wharf. The night was spent on the shore during Argo’s second night out. Alex and I took the 3-mile walk to the night market, where vendors sold trinkets and food from all reaches of the world. Tonight Argo sleeps with faith in another sunrise to further explore the city known as the gateway to the Outback. This is the day’s Skipper Kyle Hay signing off, goodnight…love you, mom!