Location: Malolo, Fiji

Another day passes as Argo sits in Malolo Bay while barnacles start to sit and grow on our hull.

We were greeted by Tim with an update about Argo’s near future regarding a potential passage. The idea of a passage to Indonesia seems much less optimistic than before. Not too many people are fond of the option of staying in Fiji, but we know that we will be able to make the most of that experience. The option that seems to be the most optimistic is setting sail to Palau. After Tim’s update to us, many of the crew needed time to feel sad about the news of the chances of passage to Indonesia being slim.

We took our Emergency First Responder exam today; WE ALL PASSED!!!!!!!. This was exciting news because now we can spend a little more time doing rescue diving. Mia served us an amazing lunch after our exam and before we did more practice preparing for Nav Master. I feel more confident about Nav Master but also concerned about the unknown difficulty of the exam. Everyone got some free time after Seamanship class until dinner. This was a blessing from the staff because the past few days have been a cram of classes and assignments. I enjoyed my free time to write my leadership paper (SHHH… Don’t tell Tim I procrastinated on it). Another mouth-watering delicious meal from Mia helped bring the mood of Argo up.

Even though Argo has been anchored at Malolo for a while, the shy sails flaked away hidden under the dusty sail covers will come out of hiding tomorrow and get some sun and stretch to them as we go for a day sail tomorrow. I personally can’t wait to set sail and feel the rock of the wind and waves again.