Location: Saba

This morning we prepped the boat for our student lead sail to Saba. Everyone was eager to show their skills and rise to the occasion to sail to a new country with little to none input from the staff. We prepared our passage plan yesterday afternoon, checking off all the boxes from our course to steer to our watch team plan. There were some mechanical repairs that delayed our start, but Captain jack and first mate Matty worked there magic, and we got the anchor up and were on our way sailing. The wind report ended up being wrong for the passage, but quickly on our feet, we changed our ground track and navigated to Saba. As we were approaching the island, there was a miscommunication between the navigators and the helmsmen. We ended up sailing an improper course towards the wrong side of the island for half an hour. But not to worry, we noticed and sorted out what we needed to do make it to our anchorage in Saba. We learned a lot from this sail, and we are ready to amp it up for our next passage home to the BVI. Oh, and did I mention Noah caught two Black Fin Tuna on this passage!! We had some amazing pre-dinner seared tuna appetizers looking out at the towering volcanic mountains of Saba. As the sun sets on our 11th night left, we are all gearing up for study mode with finals week approaching. We are all dreading the day we have to leave, but it’ll be nice to see our family and friends back home; hopefully, all the snow is melted, and the spring weather has started to roll in.