Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda

Home again in Gorda Sound. In many ways, out of all the islands we have been to during this trip, here feels like home. We spent more time in this area than anywhere else before setting sail south, so hanging out all day working on school work, we felt a sense of comfort from the islands. Our day was fairly uneventful. We had class in the morning and class in the evening, and everywhere in-between was set aside for study. The original goal was to have some Hobie cat carnage, but alas, hotel guests changed that. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow! In the afternoon, a couple of the shipmates went over to Bitter End for a change of scenery. I have to say, sitting in a beach chair with a palm tree for shade, white sand under my feet, and a clear blue ocean for a view was probably the best study location I have ever experienced in my college career. It’s sad to realize that this is my last blog on the trip. I can’t believe it has gone by so fast. This is definitely one of those experiences in my life that I will never forget. Well, that is all from skipper Gio.