Location: Les Saintes

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Since this was our first day in a French port, we woke up to fresh croissants, baguettes, and brie. As per usual, the entire jar of Nutella was gone within 5 minutes. After cleanup, we had our Oceanography class, followed by our Basic seamanship class. After lunch, there was some more studying, then a bit of knot-tying, followed by our International Competent Crew Exam for Basic Seamanship. I am exhausted after just typing that, so you can imagine that by the end of that, we were all celebrating with a nice afternoon lounge session on deck. This was quickly followed by snorkeling the site we will later dive tonight. Apparently, cornbread doesn’t exist in England or Spain, like Hannah, Georgia, and Clara had never even heard of it. It was, therefore, only fitting that we had cornbread and chili for dinner. With the whole pan of cornbread completely devoured, we set off for our night dives. The whole ocean was glowing with bioluminescence, and a huge lobster added some excitement to the dive. The night ended with tea and paper writing until the wee hours of the morning. An early morning waits as a few of us will get up at 4 am to hike the mountainside that towers over Ocean Star to catch the sunrise! Bon, voyage!