Location: English Harbour

After a month of being anchored or moored off the coast, it was a real pleasure to wake up this morning attached to the dock in a beautiful harbor. The English Harbour dock itself is a beautiful mix of old colonial buildings and luxury boats all enclosed in a natural bay, with beaches and coastal paths. A big advantage of being on the dock is, of course, that you can get off the boat and have a walk around. Something taken for granted so frequently when you live on land. Before that was really possible today, we had to make sure Ocean Star was looking her best to keep in with the locals. A thorough clean of the wooden caprails which surround the boat was the main task to ensure the teak was in peak condition to fit in. After the morning’s clean, we had a chance to explore the surroundings before splitting up for the afternoon. The bulk of the group headed off to Falmouth harbor (a stone’s throw away) to view a whole different breed of superyacht and luxury sailing boats. Personally, I made the most of the sun and being attached to the dock and spent the vast majority of the afternoon sunbathing with ice cream. The small pleasures in life are sometimes all you need! The evenings are also free when you’re on the dock, with some people taking a walk into town and others visiting one of our neighboring boats, the custom-built wooden schooner “Grayhound” and their friendly crew. Antigua certainly has the relaxed charm you imagine in an idyllic Caribbean island.