Location: Carriacou to Mayreau

The Ocean Star crew arose to a bright morning in the clear waters off Sandy Beach, Carriacou. It were treated by chefs Aylee and Ivy to a hearty breakfast of eggs and biscuits (very similar in appearance to English scones, which were a treat for many of us, who may have eaten 1 or 2 too many!). Class followed breakfast; in MTE, we learned about buoy-age and safe navigation of the seven seas, while in oceanography, we learned about the awesome buffering capacity of seawater. With some free time following the classes, two main activities were performed: napping (for those who may have had one scone too many) or studying (for those eager to complete their oceanography presentations before the evening). As lunch arrived, we all received a boost as the signal was given that we would shortly be raising the sails and heading to the Grenadines. This helped re-energize the team as they finished lunch and polished off the remaining scones (scone intake for many at this stage was fast approaching double figures!) before raising the sails and beginning the short journey North to Mayreau. En route, we made a short stop just off the coast of Union to clear customs before entering the waters of St Vincent and the Grenadines. With the sun out and spectacular views around, many shipmates chose to maximize the tanning opportunity on deck.

In contrast, others, by now nearing a flour-induced coma, decided another quick siesta was more to their liking. The return of the crew-members from Union enabled us to complete our journey to Mayreau, in time for another beautiful sunset to illuminate the picturesque golden sand beach a stone’s throw from the bow of Ocean Star. The beach looks a great place to relax, with its palm tree-strewn backdrop, but tomorrow’s adventure is in store as we explore a shipwreck in the bay.