Location: Palau

Greetings from your skipper for the day, Grace! My morning started by waking a majority of the crew up from their slumber in their hammocks. The deck was covered with them last night. Everyone woke up to a heavenly smell. We had a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls with yummy frosting. Next thing I knew, we were off to a new location which was very exciting. The breeze saved us on this extremely hot day, but not from the UV rays (hence sunburn city). Will played captain for the day and steered the boat, which was pretty cool (It’s a miracle he didn’t crash, though). Once we got to our destination, groups quickly started to hop in the dingy to go diving. The ride to our dive spot was incredible. The water looked fake–it was so blue and clear. Divers getting their advanced certifications right now went for a fish identification dive, and there were so many fish!! The dive was amazing; I was in awe of the underwater world. We even saw sharks, actual real-life sharks! How much cooler can you get? We also drew the different fish we saw on slates underwater.
In between dives, there was a lot of free time to hang out or get work done. We played some good tunes and had dance parties and singalongs throughout the day. It was really fun to be able to relax and talk to everyone. Lunch was rolling, and everyone pitched in and filled in for different jobs to help clean up. Then we moved again to another spot where the remaining group’s dove. We ate tropical tacos for dinner while watching a spectacular sunset. Then we had squeeze where we got to hear little things that bring everyone joy in their life, which was really nice. Everyone had great answers. We cleaned up from dinner while moving to yet another spot. Then groups went night diving which is totally rad. Overall very solid day on Argo for many reasons. We arrived in the new spot in the dark, so we are all excited to wake up in the morning to the pretty view. Feeling #grateful

Pictured: Emma flipping off the martingale
Grace, Vivian, Whitney, Preston taking a nice selfie
Rykleigh and Amelia sitting in a hammock this morning
Ian sound asleep in his hammock
Grace, Kayli, and Emma
Margo being her cute self
Will steering the boat
Justin and D in front of the sunset