Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

Every day you learn something new about one or more crew members aboard. Today we have learned that Alex can belly dance! But long before that, the day started with the second part of the emergency first responder (EFR) class, shortly followed by Oceanography-at-a-cafe class. After class, we stayed onshore. Some chose to stay longer, while others decided to come back to Ocean Star for some relaxing time or to go on a dive. Annabelle, Emma, and I went diving at a wreck just the moorings at Les Saintes. Emma and I used the time to practice some of our DiveMaster skills while Annabelle explored the wreck for fun. After the dive, we told everyone about what we saw. Among other things, we encounter a lionfish, some small lobsters, snapping shrimps, and a little crab hidden among a shirt that somebody must have dropped from a passing boat. We might have exaggerated to some extent and said that we also saw a shark, the one marine species that many of us still wish to see underwater. (Unfortunately, we hadn’t seen any sharks. Maybe next time). The shark talk led to dinner, which was amazing. We will soon end the day with the last part of the EFR class so that tomorrow morning we can take the test. That way, the advanced divers on board (the majority of the crew) can take the next step: Rescue Diver certification.