Location: St. Barths

Today is Sunday. Not that it matters, because we lost track a long time ago of what day of the week it is. The only difference is that most of the stores onshore were closed. But we already had what we needed for our day: a couple of surfboards to learn about waves, a sweet 8-person minivan to get the team to the beach, picnic food, and multiple toys. After breakfast, Monika talked about the safety equipment on board and collision regulations as part of the MTE class. Once that information was assimilated, we got ready to start with our sunny Sunday surf day at the beautiful Baie de Saint-Jean on the north side of the island. We grabbed our picnic food, the boards, and the toys and made our way to the beach. Once there, some jumped right away into the water and tried to get on the boards, while others chose to go for a walk. Others played some ball or threw the frisbee around, or simply enjoyed the breeze and the sun. At some point, we had an Oceanography class. We learned that, although usually, this beach is a popular destination for local surfers, today, the waves keep breaking too close to the beach. We blame the high tide for that.

Nevertheless, we had lots of fun, lots of sun, and even some pool time. Part of the crew used their local connections to access the nearby spa and enjoyed lying at the pool for a little while. After a sunny day at the beach, we found our way back to O-Star and finished the day with some more Oceanography class after dinner: Hydrogen bonds are our friends, and seawater is salty.