Location: Underway to Essaouira

The sun greeted us with good energy this morning as we sailed through scattered rain and dark skies the past few days. After tearing two sails throughout the four-day passage, the change of weather gave Argo and her crew a well-needed rest. Starting at 8 AM with a bowl of cereal, my watch team and I were excited to hear that we were making more than double the speed we intended. As lunchtime came upon us, news of our acceleration passed quickly through the boat. After lunch and still sailing along with Seamester staff at the helm, we had Oceanography class followed by an informative VHF class led by Sam. To my surprise, this was the first class period that no one had gotten sick from the persistent swell. The five remaining are now looked upon as superhumans for not getting seasick over the past few days. Deck showers and the warm sun before dinner only added to the good vibes on the final leg of the passage. A presentation on Essaouira, after a well deserved hot meal, wrapped up the night as we prepare to drop anchor in the Essaouira anchorage around midnight. set date:2012-10-25