Location: Underway to the Marquesas

It’s been a beautiful sunny day underway to the Marquesas. The scheduling committee gave us the whole day off, so after lunch, we worked on charting, marine biology essays, and PSCT. Some took naps, and others read. Passage life has been great so far. Each watch has its own perks, sunset or sunrise, cereal watch, and snack watch. We are all very comfortable with each aspect of watch, helming, bow watch, and boat checks. We’ve averaged about 8 knots for the last couple of days! So we are making great progress, and maybe in the Marquesas a couple of days early if the wind stays with us. I much prefer sailing to motoring. It’s day 56 of our semester! By the time our 90 days are up, I still won’t be ready to leave Argo. The only thing that I am missing right now is my family, but I’ll see them soon enough! I hope everything is great back homeskip of the day, Jen M.