Location: Underway to Maldives

In what many consider to be the most illustrious sporting event of the year, the Argonauts will travel halfway around the world to take on the Indian Ocean Waves. Experts from every corner of the globe are predicting a grudge match for the ages, and both sides are sure to exceed every expectation.

Many shipmates have been training hard since the voyage began, working out both at anchor and on the pitching deck while underway. While several shipmates prefer some sort of hand-waving,hip-shaking, an attitude-exuding form of dance known as Zumba, prefer abs class with Laurie. It’s more of an aP90X workout that we listen to from her speaker and try to keep up with. And let me assure you that the “Ab ripper 349” does not disappoint. It’s a grueling routine made even more difficult by the rolling deck of Argo (and when I say grueling, that is only because it is only the single worst thing to happen to my core since a killer belly flop into the pool from the high dive in 8thgrade).

As the match draws closer, trash-talking has already begun on both sides. While the Indian Ocean taunted the Argonauts with two weeks of consistent northwesterly winds during the “Northeast Monsoon” season, the sailors were undaunted. Setting 5 of Argo’s six sails, we have been enjoying swift sailing speeds between 6 and 9 knots all afternoon. In a recent development, two crew members have begun fishing on Argo, and although unsuccessful as of yet, we have high hopes for the pelagic fishes of the Indian Ocean.

Having left the straights of Sumatra behind and sailed passed Java, Argo is now officially in the Indian Ocean. With dolphins all day and bioluminescence all night, the stage is set, and anticipation could not be higher. For the next ten days, the crew of the Argo will battle the wind, the waves, and the workload of a college student. From here on out, it’s nothing but the crew of 19 men & women, the hull and rigging of Argo, and the vast, blue Indian Ocean.