Location: Bandos, Maldives

Today was a great day. We awoke to beautiful morning. The Chefs were flipping pancakes; the sun was shinning bright on the water, who could ask for anything better. Soon after breakfast and morning clean up, we hoisted up the anchor and moved over to the small island of Bandos, located in the middle of the North Male Atoll. After lunch most people enjoyed a peaceful dive along the drop off of a nearby reef. The water was crystal clear and reef fish swarmed in schools above our heads. It was a very nice dive. The activity for the evening was a night snorkel. This went over well. There were lots of animals to be seen, including things such as a sleeping sea turtle, octopus, a small shark, moray eels, and even a sleeping parrot fish wrapped up in its cocoon. The bioluminescence was crazy. When you turned off your flash light it was as if you were surround by thousands of little twinkling stars. As the night dies down I’m exited about the rest of our adventures to come in this wonderful atoll.