Location: Agadir, Morocco

Today started off as a normal breakfast and the usual cleanup. But today was going to end up as no ordinary day. After cleanup we were accompanied by a man named Sufjian. This was Argo’s first time with Sufjian so I think we were all a little skeptical on how he would treat us. He led us to an old beat up bus that we all piled into and made way for the beach that we were all meant to surf. The surf was small but perfect for beginners. Before the surf guides let us into the water they gave us a vigorous workout to get our blood flowing and get us stretched and ready to surf. After they released us into the sea we surfed for hours. There were about twenty boards but twenty seven of us so some people were playing great games of ultimate Frisbee and football as well. Sufjian even joined in on one of our football games and showed his fun playful side, he even gave our shipmate John a little tackle. We were served a nice lunch that has become popular known as tagine, and had a great fruit basket for lunch dessert. Afterwards the surfing went on as the waves seemed to grow, eventually dying down later in the evening. Everyone started to settle down as we all had an adventure packed day. The men that let us use the boards were good people as well as Sufjian and the people that fed us. This day was over as we all rode the bus home, with some of us considering surfing as a new hobby.